Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Famous Vortellica'

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Good day people.. I don't know exactly what make me busy until I didn't update this 'memories remain' blog for years. When come back to face this blog, feel like I'm in a trash metal band named "Vortex Electrica" with albums titled "Blog Post". Since long time having their tour 'electronic project' and last concert "Final Year Project" together in 2010, all band members kind of busy with their life.

Some of band members are doing their own concert ,while the Lars Ulrich-Vizier still active inside the band. Thanks Vizier, the one who keep this 'famous Vortellica' band exist until today while our beloved drummer Fakhruddin now move on to world stage in US. We believed his soul still with the band.

I never stop doing my solo concert since the last concert even though I'm not creating new album with my bandmate. Currently I'm releasing new album with new band named "artofmecha". The reason for this album released outside Vortellica is it only concentrating on specific material which are mecha robot. It consume too big space to place the mecha material in Vortellica's album. However some of the general material from that nu-band will be presented inside Vortellica next album.

Past 3 years, each band member improve their skill to the higher level on mastering their own instruments. The ability to produce new song and album should be better than the old days I believe. Really hope that there will be a comeback album with the old band members one day. Pray for it to be happen soon.... Vortex Electrica Dominion.

Controller & Sensor Department of Vortex Electrica


  1. Yeah.... black album picture of Vortellica!!

  2. Do you feel it? Yeaahh. Vortellica is with you once again. (sound like James)

  3. eh cha. add la page art of mecha hang dlm blog ni. mcm permalink.

  4. Aku dah add dah. Kt art of mecha pun aku add vortex.hehehehe. try contact deathclaw kt fb tngok.hahaahaha

  5. haha. mantap gile vortellica. bile nak wat collaboration baru?

  6. haa carik projek la cha.. skang tengah kumpul level.. aku baru je level 9.. blum level 25 lg.. haha


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