Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Swizzler Download

[edit: The Swizzler now has it's own blog! Check it out at: Digital Dreams in HD: The Swizzler Blog]

Ever wanted to apply high quality special effects to video in real-time instead of pre-rendering effects?

The Swizzler (currently version 0.1alpha [edit: not really alpha, this version is stable and working quite well. It was named alpha due to being the first release. version 0.7 is coming soon! check out Digital Dreams in HD: The Swizzler Blog]) is a GPU accelerated windows media player application capable of applying special effects to high quality video (up to full 1080p HD video has been tested to run smoothly) System requirements are windows, .NET framework 3.5 sp1 (installed if you have the latest windows update). It is now available for preview download here.

Some screenshots:

The screenshots quality have been lowered due to upload limitations.

Some of the effects included in this software are:
- Color Correction
- Brightness and Contrast
- Edge Detection
- Banded Swirl
- Pixelate
- Light Streak
- Toon Shader
- Directional Blur
- Emboss
- Color Emboss
- Grayscale
- Invert
- Sharpen
- Color Threshold
- Outline
- Zoom Blur
- Edge Fade
- Vignette
- Erode
- Watercolor
- Splitscreen
- Splitscreen flip
- Swirl
- Pinch

Effects can be stacked (you can apply different effects simultaneously) and many of their parameters may be adjusted using the controls on the fly. The interface is simple and straightforward.

This application is brought to you by the power of WPF (windows presentation foundation) and will only work on windows XP, Vista and 7. A dedicated GPU is not required but is highly recommended as the effects are quite graphics intensive. Integrated graphics cards will work as long as they support pixel shader version 2.0 (which most do).

Thanks for taking the time to try out my software = ) If the above link doesn't work, or you didn't find it. Click here:

Not all of the shaders were written by me. Some shaders were taken from the Microsoft DirectX shader library and some from Shazzam, a great tool for pixel shader programming. The video used in the screenshots is Coral Reef Adventure HD taken from the Windows Media HD content showcase.

There are many more features to come. I appreciate any feedback and comments. Please feel free to contact me with bug reports, suggestions, errors, etc @ fakhruddin087 at gmail (thats zero-eight-seven). Thanks for trying out my software ;)

This program was written and published using Microsoft Visual C# 2008.

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