Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Roots of Vortex Electrica (VE)

Assalamualaikum guys....... Here I'm providing for a perspective article on how each of the members of this blog felt about this whole thing.

VE started out as two students (me and beautifulmind) started having discussions of the on-goings of the Electrical Engineering Curriculum, which in our opinion lacks project based approach. We were 2nd year students at that time and no EE projects were given by the lecturers, who also in my opinion sees us as incapable and unambitious as the ones they see prevalent among Malaysian students (at least most of them do).

Well it's time we prove that we're not of that breed. So when a lecturer, who was in charge of Electrical Machines, gave us an assignment on taking specs of a motor and study it, we decided that's it, we're building one. So we told the lecturer, and he gave an incredulous look, but then said, "Well if you CAN do it, then that is the best thing we all can do".

Result? There's the picture of the motor on the right side of this blog page.
This is why the logo of this club is in the form of an armature of a motor, our debut project which contributed to the origin of this club.

So, two years already, 3 major projects have been done, all in physical form, no softcopy, simulations or paperwork crap included. Excluding our projects which are self-driven, which are countless, we headed to newer dimensions of practical electronics, and that, my friends, needs the interest and zeal to realize.

Now for the big question: Why this blog? The way I looked at it, this is a place to put in projects done the Malaysian way; this is because being Malaysians means limitations in investments and resources due to the public perception in stuff like these, where the Malaysian mentality is like: If you're smart, you do medicine. Otherwise there is no future out there for you.

Not all of us can bear to invest too much in electronics projects, which tend to be demanding of MONEY. So this blog discusses the way to get through projects and spending a lot less than the ones used by the 'net users, which is like: Buy. Assemble. Test. This blog endorses the idea of Electronics: The Malaysian Way, as I see it.

We're all tight up on schedule due to being final year students, and whatnot our thesis titles are among the ones rated 'very difficult/challenging', supervised by one of the most respected and strict Professors in the department. So in time, perhaps when things start to fall into place, there will be more articles, insyaAllah.


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