Saturday, May 23, 2009


"Faces of birds" , that what we call when in this suite . This is the protection suite to avoid silicon die and small electronic component effected by dust. 11 Mei 2009 , we are going for another level of engineering education process, internship which will expose us to real engineering working environment.ON semiconductor Seremban , a multinational company with the headquaters locating at Phoenix Arizona , USA doing silicon wafer fabrication and packaging for electronic component become our choice ( actually there is no choice for us ). This internship will end 17th July 2009. So,the progress for updating this blog become slower. But , staying together make our "Vortex Project" become more powerful in the night side after back from working.

There are more project will be done in this 10 weeks. Wait for the next project that will be uploaded here.And please , if you have your own project and want to share with us , send your article at .Some preparation for the next ROBOGAMEZ 2009 competition also in our schedule.

If you want to join this competition , more information you will get from this link . Practical approach for better engineering education.

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  1. Hi Viz,

    do you know somebody or shop which can design and develop low cost data logger around KL or Shah Alam? I read in your website that you have designed and developed LVDT. Do you have some infos about that? To save cost, I am planing to fabricate it by myself.




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